Thursday, January 05, 2006

I've got the Thursday blues

Well, so far I haven't been doing very well with my writing goals. The past two days I didn't write a word because I was a) working, b) taking down Christmas decorations, and c) just being lazy. Today I've been working on and off on the novel that I have resolved to finish this year. I wrote another chapter and a half, which for me, is progress, even though it's very rough and not very good right now. The novel, if anyone's interested, is sort of like a southern gothic. The main character is a 14/15 year old girl living in the coal fields of eastern Kentucky in the 1930s. Her father has abandoned her and when her mother gets sick, she decides to marry her to a widower who is four times her age. Shortly after, her mother dies and she goes to live with this man in his cabin on the mountain. The novel is basically about how she adapts to her new life and deals with the various problems I plan to throw her way. It's kind of like a cross between Gap Creek and The Color Purple. It's meant to be a tragedy, with a little bit of hope thrown in at the end, at least, that's how I plan for it to come off. Life would be so much easier if I could just write chick lit. Nothing really bad seems to happen in those kinds of books.


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