Friday, December 30, 2005

The year that will be (I hope)

I don't really believe in resolutions, mostly because I've never been able to keep one so this will be my list of goals for 2006 instead.

1. Write. Write more, write everyday, write whether or not I want to. Just write.

2. Submit. To journals, contests, whatever, just get it out there. Keep submitting, even if I get rejected.

3. WRITE. I'm putting this one twice because the most basic, first step of being is a writer is you have to sit down and do the work. This is something I failed to do as much as I wanted in 2005.

4. Stop being such a terrible procrastinator. I cannot put off until tomorrow the dreams and goals I have for today, foremost of which is being a writer. Set writing deadlines and stick to them.

5. Get out all those poems I wrote last year and really look at them. Take the time to rework the bad ones and polish the good ones. Then, see #2.

6. Plan to make more of a commitment to NaNo than I did this year.

7. Finish the novel I'm starting, rather than abandoning it halfway through.

8. Keep my blogs updated.

9. Read more.

10. Stop making excuses for why I haven't done any of the above.

There it is, that's my plan for 2006. I made strides this year but only small ones. Next year, I hope to take giant leaps.


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