Thursday, December 22, 2005

But what I really want to do is write

Pretty clever title, eh? Eh, at least I thought so. So anyway, it occurred to me that since I started this so-called writing blog (Hey, that's pretty catchy, maybe I should change the title to that.) my posts have been about all things writing, just not my writing. So today, I make an attempt to change all that.

So what do I write? Basically, if I had to pick a genre it would definitely be fiction but after that, things start to get blurry. I like to think I'm writing literary fiction but I'm not a literary critic so what the hell do I know? Sometimes, I think I'm writing women's fiction because a lot of my characters are female and/or deal with female issuse but I really hate that title. Also, some of the stuff I write is similar to southern gothic but that sounds a bit scary, doesn't it? So, I've just decided to call it socio-comi-tragic-women's-lit-fiction, which doesn't sound clunky at all.

Yes, but what do you write? Now that I've got that out of the way, I feel like I should talk about the actual work. Basically, I have this big notebook I call my Writing Bible where I write down all my ideas and then I just pick one out and go with it. This is how I get most of my ideas for short stories. I do have two ideas for novels, one of which I've written the first few chapters of, the second of which is in the outline stage and has been for several months now. My big plan for this blog was to post chapter excerpts from them here but so far, I've been a bit lazy. Anyway, that, along with several other things, is going to be one of my writing goals for 2006. I figure since I didn't have any for 2005 and just half-assed it most of the way, having at least this one is a major accomplishment. I don't know if anyone reads this blog or not, but if there is, I hope to be giving you something to actually read here soon.


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