Friday, January 13, 2006

Does it make you a geek if.... secretly watch and love "Dancing With the Stars"? I have no idea what on earth compels me to watch this show but I.AM.HOOKED. It makes no sense to me. I always tell people that I really hate reality TV and that only total brain-dead troglodytes watch it but secretly, I looooooove it. It is my secret shame.

Since that was a little O/T, I guess I'll move on to what this blog is supposed to be about, namely writing. Yesterday, I had the breakthrough I've been waiting for in terms of the novel I had put aside. I finally, finally nailed down the climax, now I'm just trying to thread it all together with the stuff I wrote at the beginning. This was something that I agonized over for months and last night, it came to me, all at once. Funny how that happens, I don't know why it took me so long to think of it.

Found a new blog today, W3 Wise Words on Writing. It's basically a writing newsletter and each post tackles a different writing-related issue, i.e. research, writer's block, etc. It's got a lot of useful info. Perhaps it can help me finish those stories I've been meaning to send out, which I still have not done. Damn you, "Dancing With the Stars"!


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