Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SLQ FringeHead Review No. 12

For anyone who's forgotten, Fringes is continuing her review series of SmokeLong Quarterly #13. Yesterday, she was kind enough (or crazy enough) to ask me to do a guest review of one of the stories. So, to read the excellent story, click here and to read my review click here. And while you're there, check out all of the other reviews Fringes has done so far, as well as her story blog. Thanks again, Fringes, for the gig.


Anonymous fringes said...

You're welcome, Rebecca. Thanks for the link over here in your space. Any time you want another guest gig, you got it.

6/28/2006 10:32 AM  
Blogger Justin Evans said...

I think you are well on your way to getting known around these parts. I get more hits because of you than most of my other links or raw searches from Google or Yahoo. Thanks for the boost.

6/28/2006 3:30 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

Well that's just because you have a great blog.

Personally, I think half the people that come here googled "writing for the blind" and got me instead. Whatever, though, I'll take 'em.

6/28/2006 3:33 PM  
Anonymous bookfraud said...

great idea, and glad to hear you're getting some well-deserved air time.

it is just me, or is that cover disturbing?

6/28/2006 5:04 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

Bookfraud, thanks, although I don't know if more me is necessarily what the blogosphere needs.

And that cover is weird. The first time I saw it, it freaked me out a little. It's growing on me now, though.

6/28/2006 5:07 PM  
Anonymous fringes said...

The Writing Blind review of Emily Avenue generated the highest one-day traffic to my blog. Perhaps, Rebecca, you'd be interested in taking over the whole thing. My work there is done.

6/29/2006 12:36 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

Sweetie, there is no way in hell I could do it as well as you. I felt so completely clumsy and awkward so I think you have nothing to worry about. If it got people reading your blog, then that makes me happy cause I'm all about spreading the love. I want to thank you, again, for inviting me over to play and if you ever want to do the same here, you're more than welcome. Although this blog is mostly crap writing, something I don't think you're capable of. :P

6/29/2006 1:16 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

By the way, Jeff Landon emailed me to say thanks for the review. I of course fired off some sort of rambling groupie-like response but oh well.

6/29/2006 1:18 PM  
Anonymous fringes said...

Wow. He is a nice guy based on his comments on the blog and his taking the time to send you a thank you note. That's exciting.

6/29/2006 1:26 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

Yeah, I tend to make a fool out of myself around famous or semi-famous people. I once met Ryan Gosling and practically threw myself on his lap and begged him to have my baby.

(Ryan Gosling is the superhot guy from "The Notebook" movie by the way. I think he's like ten years younger than me, which is so sad.)

6/29/2006 1:31 PM  
Blogger Dave Clapper said...

Jeff's a peach and your review was terrific. Much of the traffic Fringes mentioned was, I'm sure, his groupies/friends. He's very supportive of other writers and many of us follow him around.

6/30/2006 3:45 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

He's a great writer, it's to be expected. Glad you liked the review, I hope I did the story justice. You guys have a really great thing going over there at SmokeLong.

6/30/2006 3:48 PM  
Anonymous fringes said...

Writers have groupies? Writers have friends?

7/02/2006 4:41 PM  

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