Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flash(er) alert

I've been absolutely and utterly useless today. I promise tomorrow I will try harder. In the meantime, if you want to read something that'll make you feel better about yourself as a writer, check out my entry in the "Midnight Road" flash fiction contest at Clarity of Night. Please, keep the snickering to a minimum.

While you're there, make sure to check out some of the other entries. A lot of it is creepy, but good-creepy, know what I mean? If you don't, check out Flood's, Scott's, and Jaye's entries. Their stories gave me goosebumps.


Blogger Flood said...

Scott also has wonderful news on his blog. (I wanna shout it from the roof tops!)

I really liked your entry in the contest. I thought it was gentle writing, and depicted a powerless moment between two creatures.

Thanks for enjoying mine! Did you read LP's?

6/28/2006 7:19 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Rebecca, don't be self-depricating, please. I understand being jittery, naked to the world, afraid of rejection. You are a wonderful writer, one that I am glad to have made acquaintance with. Your piece was beautiful.

6/28/2006 8:10 AM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

Flood, of course I read LP's. That girl is really gonna kill it someday.

Scott, again congratulations. That is such a good feeling, I know.

Thanks to you both for complimenting my story. I wrote it in like two hours and when I read some of the other entries I was like this is lightweight stuff but oh well. I'm not as good at shocking people as you two. :)

6/28/2006 3:16 PM  

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