Thursday, June 01, 2006

Poetry out loud

Once again, it's Poetry Thursday and once again, I'm doing this really late but better late than never right? This week's challenge was to stage a poetry reading in your own backyard. Pick a poem to read aloud and then share your experience. Now, I normally don't read poetry out loud. It always sounds too weird to me. But, since it is Poetry Thursday and since Michele has already set such a brave and wonderful example, I thought I'd give it a try. So, for you souls brave enough to click on the little linky, you'll get to hear yours truly. (I've listened to it a few times and I think I sound like a five-year-old but whatever.)

The poem is titled "What Do Women Want?" and it's by Kim Addonizio, who is one of my absolute favorites poets. She, along with Sharon Olds, Dorianne Laux, and Louise Gluck, makes me all swoony.

Enjoy, and try to keep the snickering to a minimum.

this is an audio post - click to play


Blogger Voix said...

That was great! Awesome! Fantastic reading. You totally don't sound like a five year old.

Thanks for being fearless and doing an audio post.

That poem made me all tingly too.

6/01/2006 7:00 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

I practiced for like a half an hour and that was the best I could do. At least now I know that a career in voiceover work is out.

6/01/2006 7:22 PM  
Blogger mikim said...

Absolutely grand, thank you.

6/01/2006 7:27 PM  
Blogger Dani said...

I loved that poem! Have you read the poem over at PoetMom's blog yet? That red dress definitely goes with the Candies in her piece :-).

6/01/2006 9:51 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

No but I'll check it out. She writes some really good stuff.

6/02/2006 10:44 AM  
Blogger January said...

Wow, we are on the same wavelenght! Love Kim, Sharon, Louise and Dorianne.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

6/03/2006 12:33 PM  
Blogger kaleidoscope said...

hey, for someone who claims to not read stuff out loud, that was wonderful! thanks. i giggled a bit, but that was the poem i think. i never read it before...

6/03/2006 5:32 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

As long as you could hear me over the giggles I guess it's okay.

6/03/2006 5:36 PM  

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