Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Things seen/heard/observed on my walk this morning:

1. The dogwoods are in bloom. And the gladiolas, the azaleas, the roses, all in different shades of pink and red and white. This can only mean that the hydrangeas are not far behind with their bruised blues and purples and baby powder scent.

2. If you listen closely enough, you'll notice that all birds, everywhere, are engaged in one long, ongoing conversation that we can never hope to understand.

3. There is nothing like the smell of fresh-cut grass.

4. There is beauty in the simplest and strangest things: a bumblebee hovering over a fading lilac bush; a basketball stuck in the limbs of a tree; white clouds against a blue sky.

5. It's easier to appreciate beauty when you don't possess it.

6. Friendliness begets friendliness. If you smile and wave at people, they will inevitably return the favor.

7. The sound of a garbage truck backing up will give you a tremendous headache.

8. When you come home, no one will be happier to see you than your dog. All the barking, tail-wagging, and nervous wiggling is because you are the center of their universe. That and the box of treats in the cabinet.


Blogger Neil said...

As proof that point of view is everything in writing -- here's what you wrote:

There is nothing like the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Now, imagine the same scenario written by someone with allergies, like myself.

3/31/2006 10:04 PM  
Blogger Writing Blind said...

What can I say, you're just too good. Thanks, I never would have thought of that.

3/31/2006 10:11 PM  

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